Benefits of the Cattle Industry to Alachua County

This post is the first in a series of posts about the benefits of beef and the cattle industry.  Today we’re focusing on the many benefits that the cattle industry provides to Alachua County.

Safe Food Supply
Alachua County cattlemen produce USDA-inspected products for the American consumer. The health and safety of their animals and consumers is top priority.  You can find locally produced beef in many of our Alachua County grocery stores and farmers’ markets.

Green Space
Much of “Natural Florida” remains in the working landscape of Florida’s cattle industry. With natural areas such as Payne’s Prairie, Devil’s Millhopper, and the numerous rivers and springs such a big part of Alachua County’s landscape, ACCA members also provide additional green space in the county. Our farms and ranches create much needed animal habitat, open space, and diversification.

Sustainable Farms
Alachua County is known for its rich heritage in the cattle industry. We are passionate about maintaining the rich tradition of being stewards of the land. Alachua County cattlemen are dedicated to the preservation of our ranchlands, and to providing a safe and wholesome product to serve your family as well as ours.

Economic Impact
The cattle industry contributes significantly to Florida’s economy, providing jobs and delicious beef. We work diligently to give back to the community we serve. In Alachua County, the beef cattle industry contributes $11.3 million in cattle/farming outputs annually.  It also has an employment impact of $171 million.

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