FCA members are producers, breeders and industry proponents, like you, who share a common concern and commitment toward a mutual goal – protecting the future.

Join Now.  Membership costs $80 for Alachua County.  This includes your state membership and magazine subscription also.

Invest in your future. Join the grassroots voice that addresses issues, concerns and regulatory actions in Tallahassee and Washington, DC. Your opinions count and your input is needed in decisions on policies that impact the cattle industry.

Currently, ACCA has about 165 members. ACCA is the fourth largest county association in Florida and we have one of the most active information and education programs in the state.

Benefits of Membership

  • Recognition with one of Florida’s largest industries
  • Identity with a strong, grassroots voice that cares about individual rights of our private property, environmental stewardship of our land, proper care and welfare of our animals and the safety of our food
  • Receive an annual subscription to the monthly, FCA-published magazine, The Florida Cattleman & Livestock journal
  • Opportunity to voice input and support to industry issues and concerns on a local, state and national level
  • Increase industry contacts by networking at Quarterly Meetings, Annual Convention and Allied Trade Show. Participate in industry forums, committees, and other FCA functions with those who share your view.
  • Attend county events
    • three dinner meetings with a guest speaker normally in September, December, and March and
    • Summer Day cookout in June.

Businesses may also show their support of the beef industry by becoming an allied member. Allied memberships are $100.

For more information about Alachua County Cattlemen’s Association membership, contact Chris Kelly, the membership chair, at

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