Current Issues

Current Issues

As the voice of the cattle industry in Alachua County, the Alachua County Cattlemen’s Association (ACCA) is making a difference every day for cattle producers locally.


ACCA is the local, county branch of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). NCBA is the national organization that assures the voices of independent cattle producers are heard in the halls of Congress, at regulatory agencies and the White House. As the largest sector of American agriculture, there are dozens of policy issues concerning our industry on a daily basis, and NCBA is there while our fellow members are managing their businesses back home.

NCBA was founded in 1898 and is grounded in the basic philosophy of cattlemen to:

  • Minimize direct federal involvement in agriculture,
  • Preserve the right of individual choice in the management of land, water, and other resources
  • Provide for an opportunity to compete in foreign markets, and
  • free enterprise, competitive market system

Read more about NCBA’s government affairs efforts.

At the state level, Florida Cattlemen’s Association (FCA) handles government affairs.

ACCA supports National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Florida Cattlemen’s Association policy. NCBA is inclusive of other segments of the beef industry including dairy, auction markets, packers, processors, retailers, and foodservice operators.

ACCA Locally

ACCA is the organization representing Alachua County’s cattle industry. ACCA’s membership includes more than 165 independent cattlemen and affiliate cattle industry supporters. For more than 60 years, we have been dedicated to influencing public policy to improve producer profitability and preserving the industry’s heritage and future.

ACCA is concerned about policy issues affecting cattle producers and the beef industry including: international trade, tax & credit issues, food safety, animal health, property rights, environment, federal lands issues, drought relief, marketing, nutrition, and much more.

ACCA is about the future of the beef industry, its growth, its profitability, and our members’ ability to pass their ranches to future generations.

Current State and County Issues ACCA is interested in:

Land Grant University Support

ACCA supports research, teaching, and extension efforts at the University of Florida.

Eminent Domain

Coming soon

Property Taxes

Coming soon.

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Current National Issues ACCA and NCBA are interested in:

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